Milk Filling line

Milk filling equipment of INDEX-6 or Upgrade

Designing complete line for filling of milk products, INDEX-6® will suggest the most suitable, optimum solution for effective production according to the concrete project, in order to provide quality and responsibility also for the modules, which, even not part of our production, are integrated in the complete line in the best possible way.

The AssetClean™ series include a synchrobloc model that allows handling both PET and glass bottles and provides capping with plastic screw caps and metal twist-off caps according to the container. This provides great flexibility to our customers and allows working with a wide range of products.
AssetClean™ can be integrated with a blow-moulding bloc as well as all necessary downstream equipment including labellers from the IND-Lab series and group-packing machine from the IND-Pack series, linked together by a conveyor and buffer system from the IND-Trans series and leading to the palletisers to complete the processes. An end-to-end packaging process providing ready-to-ship product under unitary control and monitoring.

INDEX-6® is responsible for the complete maintenance and guarantees the good work with the expected quality and capacity. We provide assembly and education of the personnel in real production conditions. You can count on our service team’s fast reaction at any time, no matter where in the world your production is, and also the guarantee and post-guarantee maintenance with delivery of original spare parts.
Subsequently, a preferential upgrade could be negotiated in order to introduce new technologies or additional new modules with refined capabilities, because our Research & Development Department is constantly improving the existing range of machines.
However, it is of interest for us also to work with existing available equipment, which could be optimized by joint discussion with its manufacturers in order to achieve higher hygiene, capacity; to reach new levels of market positioning with offers for concrete modules or synchrobloc.